Friday, February 11, 2011

I am having a hair-dentiy CRISIS!

This is me today....with my "lovely"(boring) long locks....BUT I feel very plain. 
and very old mama-ish....SO...HELP ME OUT!

I LOVE long hair, but let me tell you this ---> My hair does not curl when it's long, it just flops. 
I don't know how to make my hair look cute when its long so it  looks like this 99% of the time.... 
Boring pony. no puh-zaz!

It looks like this 1% (just brush and go - not flattering I know!)

Which "do" should I do again?!?!

#1- short side bangs and dark brown?

 #2 short dark long side bangs?
#3 Short MAJOR side swoop -More natural color (light-ish brown with natural-ish highlights)?

You will have to come back to see if I actually go through with it or if I chicken out.

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