Thursday, March 10, 2011

I lost my groove...

And I don't mean my "dancin' groove"
I lost my "bloggin' groove"  - sad I know.
But now that I know I have at least 1 reader, I have some motivation.

 I am BACK.  And ready for some fun.

Well in case you were dying to know I DID get my hair cut.
5 inches...GONE

I may or may not have learned how to crochet. :) 
I made a cute hat for my princess and that is about it. 
School has been kicking my tush so I haven't had time to practice.

Hubby and I graduate 4 weeks from tomorrow. COWABUNGA!
{yes, I just made a reference to TMNT}


  1. Cute cute hat!! Some of the girls from the ward and I have been trying to have a twice-a-month craft day- we're just getting together at my house in the morning and letting the kids play while all of us sit at the kitchen table and chat and make stuff. You should come sometime! We're kind of off-schedule due to some illnesses and stuff, but as soon as I know when we're doing it again I'll let you know! :-)

  2. Yay blogging! And from the comment above, you have more than just 1 reader!