Thursday, June 7, 2012

Latest obsession

And by "latest" I mean yesterday and today.


I haven't actually made any meals yet, but I am doing pieces.
Cookie Dough:
A few days ago I made cookie dough and then put little balls on a cookie sheet and froze them. When they were done I put them all in a freezer bag  and WAH-LA I can have cookies in 10 min whenever I want.

Taco meat:
Today I browned some turkey meat and cooked it with the taco seasoning. When it was done I let it sit for a few minutes to cool off before I put it in the container to freeze.

Sloppy Joe's:
I did the same thing I did for the taco meat.

BBQ chicken (for bbq chicken nachos):
I have 6 pieces of boneless skinless chicken breast cooking in the crock pot in water. Once it is done I will shred it and add or favorite BBQ sauce (Honey flavored) and then let cool and freeze.

That is as far as I have gotten. I plan on making a broccoli cheese and rice casserole, bbq chicken dinner (complete with veggies) Teriyaki chicken dinner (complete with veggies) I'll be sure to let you know how those turn out.

Hello again!

Well, it has been longer than awhile since I have posted. More than a WHOLE year. Wow, where has the time gone?? We haven't had the internet at home so I have been VERY disconnected.  I guess I have year to catch up on....
  All three of us are doing fabulous.
*Martin and I graduated from BYU-I in April 2011
*We moved back to VA after graduation
*I became an Auntie in Oct of 2011 to a cuter than life niece!!!
*I miss my "Ice-burg" friends TERRIBLY!!
*In the last month we bought a HOUSE!!! I can't believe it :)
*Jade is almost 2...YIKES! I can't believe my baby isn't a baby anymore. She talks us a storm and is such a copy-cat, but hey its fun to see that she is learning so much!!!
*I have made more friends in Meadowbrook, then I went and moved! but at least it's only a short drive. :)
*I haven't been coupon crazy since I don't have my coupon buddies to help me.
*We have been doing the "same old, same old" pretty much since

Until next time, (hopefully before next year, haha)