Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lunar eclipse

Did anyone see it in the wee hours of this morning?!?!? Baby Jade was tossing and turning around 3:00 but I didn't have the umph to get up and see it.

Things you should know if we are going to be BFF...

I'm not perfect...haha. You knew that, but did you know...

I hate long socks
I love raw cookie dough and brownie mix
I never use an iron, I throw stuff in the dryer
I love crafts but I'm not creative so I copy others ideas (when I find the time)
I love to cook
I hate hand washing dishes
I can't stand when my house it dirty
Every since my daughter was born I have spent 90% of my time in P.J's
I love Nutella, but I've only had it once (I bought some last night)
I am dying to know other girls beauty tips but never ask
I buy ground turkey meat instead of ground beef
I love making home made rolls, pizza dough, corn dogs, steak fries and cinnamon rolls
I love naps
I love taking pictures of my baby girl
All of my friends live all over the country
I was only in labor with my daughter for 8 hours and 5 of that were without pain meds
I am TERRIFIED of snakes (like would rather have a broken arm than get bit by one that isn't even poisonous) - you could remove its fangs and I would still freak out-(I couldn't even look at a picture to post one!)
I jump and shriek when I see crickets....they jump at you...how is that not scary?
I like Pampers better than Huggies
I get on Facebook WAY too much!
I try to please everyone all the time...it doesn't work, I don't recommend trying it
I have always wanted to be a model

I love horses
I love chocolate chip pancakes
I laugh every time my daughter poops or has gas
I always knew I would be a mommy at the age of 24

**This post was inspired by Little Miss Momma**

In the beginning there were....


I am a big "dreamer". I tend to think "oh, hey, I could do that." or "I would be good at that" or "wow, that looks like fun, I'm going to do it". Usually my hubby will bring me back to reality very quickly by saying, "Trish, are you really going to do this, or are you just wanting to?" And when he tells me this...I think, "Dream on Momma". Lately I have come to the realization that WANTING  and DOING are two COMPLETELY different things! Took me long enough to figure that out huh!? Well, I am now trying the DOING part by starting a blog of just my thoughts instead of combining it with my family blog.

Soooo...here I go.