Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I am in training...

For a 5k that is!
I decided about 4 weeks after having my second Little Miss that I wanted to run a race. I found one that is several months away so I had plenty of time to train.
Check it out!
I know I have a small voice in the world, but if I can change even a moment in the life of an abused child, I will run to that!

I have other races I would love to do as well, some for great causes others just for fun.

I am one week into training and I can run a 12 minute mile! Go me! :)
I know that sounds slow right?!?! But I mean I did just have a baby 8 weeks ago and my exercise routine has been NADA for well over a year now.

 Is this not the best looking running shoe you have ever laid eyes on?
Well, let me tell you....It's like running on CLOUDS in these babies!
The sad thing, they are a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$! So again I say, Dream on Momma! 
I am super excited to get new shoes, lets just hope I like them 1/2 as much as I like these.

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